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Have you validated your idea? In plain speak, have you tested the idea to see if there is a market and a need for it? Not validating your idea is a surefire way to ensure that when you throw the doors open to your launch, no one’s going to be on the other side. Creating a product just because you want to is not good enough reason to do so! So, validate it before you do anything else. Here’s how: go to where your target audience is and pay attention to what they’re talking about. 

A popular place to scout for idea validation is yelp. It’s a goldmine of opinions: check out different reviews and filter by lowest rated to find gaping holes and pain areas in your location. You can tailor your program or idea to help fill these pain areas. Udemy, quora and reddit are three more oft-overlooked communities for idea validation. Yelp reviews – launch will fail check the 2-star and 3-star amazon reviews for books on your topic or in your niche. What is it that people want more of? Here’s an example. Say, you’re planning to launch a book for folks who want to eat healthier while leading a busy life. 

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Head to amazon’s bestseller lists for books in the health and fitness niche. Amazon – launch will fail a quick peek at the whole 30 book’s 3-star review section shows a glaring need for plans that are not hugely restrictive, ad copy that’s on point Bahamas phone number and recipes that make eating healthy food fun and easy. Have a look on google and check out if there are any keyword searches for your topics. Check out what sort of ppc ads are popping up and what your potential competitors are offering. Review your own history and credibility, and ask yourself what you’ll do differently. 

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Survey your target audience (or even friends and family) using a proven and tested method like ryan levesque’s ask method. 2. You haven’t got a post-launch plan your launch has the potential to take over your entire life and become as demanding as a hungry toddler. So to be prepared you need to remember that it is you who controls the launch and no one else. You’re in the driver’s seat. That’s why it is so important to have a plan, a roadmap or a launch gps. You need to map out exactly what you’ll be doing during the three pivotal launch stages: pre-launch, launch and post-launch.

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For some reason, people often forget about the latter part. They assume that success will be easy. It rarely is. Prepare your three-part plan and keep it front-and-center so you don’t get distracted by shiny objects like adding another webinar, sending seven extra emails, or random other admin tasks that will neither boost profits nor productivity. 3. You’ve forgotten the launch linchpin the linchpin of your launch is your copy. That’s right. Your copy can either compel your ideal buyers into producing their wallets and signing up, or it can turn them off completely. As someone who’s written copy for over 20 high-profile launches

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