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Such as displaying street names, points Switzerland Phone Number of interest and more digital information. On live video from the iphone camera. Other changes include sophisticated features. Like gps-based navigation and more. 5. [after gu yongqiang left, the structure. Of alibaba’s youku business group. Was further adjusted] last week, yang weidong, president. Of the youku business group of zhongda university Switzerland Phone Number made a major. Adjustment to the organizational. Structure of the youku business group. Among them, su li, the sales platform of the great youku business group. Reported to yang weidong. At the same time, in order to better open up the sales system. And strengthen the integration of resources. Content marketing cui yanning reported to su li.

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Promotions that were Switzerland Phone Number concentrated on the day of double. 11 or slightly earlier, this year, each e-commerce platform has greatly. Extended the promotion time. Announced that the “double 11” event will start on october 26 and continue. To november 12; ali; baba announced that the pre-sale will be brought Switzerland Phone Number forward to october 21, extending the entire “double 11” to 24 days. Zhang chaoyang: sohu’s competitiveness will break out again in 2017. On november 8, the 2017 sohu world conference. Was held in beijing. Zhang chaoyang, chairman and ceo of sohu company, delivered a speech. He said that sohu is an ideal company, dedicated to. Making better products and services to bring value to millions of users, “i am very excited about bringing value to users in a so-called product technology company.

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Basically there are two aspects, we choose the field. To compete Switzerland Phone Number and provide services, one is information. The other is entertainment. Ios 10.2 beta 2 three major update points: tv, music and sos. The second beta version of apple’s ios 10.2 was released to developers this morning. Unlike the previous. Version, this Switzerland Phone Number version introduced some. New features, such as the tv app mentioned at the conference. And the interface design. Of music also has it’s time to move forward, and at the same time. Apple has introduced. A new sos emergency help function. Tuniu announced to split the tourism and vacation. And financial business and launch an internal.

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