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Of course, after reading this one post , most readers will not immediately consider responding and buying our product. That’s why we have hundreds of blog posts. We arouse interest in and desire for our product by repeatedly pointing out our product and our brand. Readers entering the consideration stage of our funnel are move to action by content like our “Ahrefs vs.” page by showing how well our product compares to the competition. For those who become customers, we can retain them with our blog posts , courses and a dedicate help section , showing them how to get the most out of our product. How do you create content? The content creation process is roughly the same for each channel and we will explain it below. But first, it’s important to understand that you.

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Shouldn’t start creating content without a solid content strategy. Your content strategy keeps you on track and ensures that you have a clear purpose with every piece of content you create. This is how you can create your content in three steps Find proven themes Choose a content type and format Plan, create and publish 1. Find proven themes There is no point in creating content just for its own sake. Whatever you want to create, you nee to make sure it’s something that resonates with your audience. How you do this depends on the channel you are creating the content for. If you create content for your website or YouTube you should do some keyword research to find the topics .

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Unless you already have a lot of visitors or subscribers. Are willing to pay for advertising, or have a proven distribution channel like a big email List. The way you research topics is roughly the same for both channels a Brainstorm for topics. Take out a notebook and think about what general topics your target audience might be searching for. If you sell coffee makers, you might list things like coffee, espresso, and French press. b Use a keyword research tool to deepen your ideas. Type your ideas into a keyword research tool like. Keywords Explorer , choose Google or.


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