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Conducting primary research can give you unique insights into the market and help you understand where the untapped market potential lies. Consider polls, interviews, and focus groups. To summarize the key market research findings, you can use the table below. We filled them with dummy data for the 3D printing industry. If you can fill them out based on your research, you re ready for the next step in the GTM process. 2. Identify your customer Once you have a good idea of ​​the market, it s time to go down a level and understand who you re selling to. Depending on your resources, there are two ways you can identify your customers The scientific way. Talk to prospects based on the market research you ve already done .

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This can be your leads, your followers Croatia phone number on social media, or just people you know who might be interested in your product. You could also use services like SurveyMonkey , UserTesting , or Remesh to reach these people. The “educated guess” method. If you can t talk to real people at this stage, you need to get creative. The trick is to take your competitors data and enrich it with other sources. Maybe your competitor will post a case study with a customer quote that you can then research on LinkedIn. You can also look up industry data about the type of role that person has in the company. For example, you might find out that according to a CMO survey, organic search is the top spend priority.

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Typically, the end product of this step is a buyer persona — an imaginary persona that you create that represents common traits among your customers an archetype . You should know that there can be multiple buyer personas for your target market. Here s an example of what a buyer persona for Ahrefs might look like A buyer persona helps you visualize your customers’ buying process, internalize who they are, and empathize with their challenges and goals. You can use the buyer persona as a tool to organize and communicate insights about your prospects. If you are looking for more information on this topic, here is a detailed guide to creating a buyer persona . If you re in the B2B space, it s also worth showing the decision-making process in the companies you re targeting.


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