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Although this may be true, good the content is. It’s more crucial to put it in the right context. Which can be very difficult, requiring a lot of knowledge and a little intuition. The most well-known definition of marketing context describes. It as the delivery of the right content to the right audience at the right time. Hubspot defines context Panama Phone Number marketing as a practice that is based on personalizing the business. In relation to the audience based on the data collected. It also highlights what marketing is not context: context marketing is not a channel, like emails or social media. Context marketing is not technology, like marketing automation. Context marketing is not content marketing (even if they are associated).

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It is easier to understand that context Panama Phone Number marketing is not like. The context of advertising (by this means an internet advertisement. That is adapted to the context and content of the page on which it is located). Context marketing is largely based on personalizing. Communication to reach a specific user. As an example of a marketing context, we will briefly analyze amazon’s activity: email reminder about products you’ve been looking for recently shopping tips based on your interests. Other customer reviews on products you’ve been looking. For recently email that reminds you of special offers for the products you are looking for educational material about the products you are watching emai.

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The authors, you read. It not difficult Panama Phone Number to see that these actions largely automate, but adjusted to the behavior. And preferences of a particular customer. Marketing context characteristics 1. Content designed specifically for a particular platform. It’s no secret that content needs to tailor. To the communication channel on which it is used – Facebook, twitter, pinterest. Or instagram must have different messages. In addition, such messages should differ from traditional media. In any case, it is one of the most common mistakes. Although this may be true, the talented marketing context. It should be borne in mind that everyone has a different audience.

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