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So what was great about instagress? When I first came across instagress roughly two years ago, I fell in love with it as it helped me solve my time-management and marketing woes. However, I hated the fact that I had to constantly check the dashboard. Adjust the settings and make sure it was working properly. So I decided to revamp the platform in a customized way so that it would work just like I wished it would. That was when sociallyrich was born. With instagress, the user process involved conducting research for hashtags you wished to target. Once done, you would manually type them into the dashboard and. The software would begin to ‘like’ pictures using those. Hashtags at whichever speed you had set the software to do so. 

The issue was that the dashboard created a lot of confusion for people who were not well-versed in using instagram. We built sociallyrich keeping three issues we identified with instagress in mind. Not everyone is an instagram expert; in fact, many people looking for paid follower growth are small. Businesses without a designated team to handle their social media accounts there was no dedicated assistive tool for performing hashtag research. And doing so was time-consuming there was no customer service team to troubleshoot problems when you started using it. In building sociallyrich, we removed the dashboard to take the guesswork out of researching hashtags by doing it ourselves in the back end.

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We aimed to kill two birds with one stone: make using our bot service easier. And make sure every account is 100% optimized. And we succeeded. At sociallyrich, we look at each account manually to decide how much activity can be generated for optimal performance, and benchmark it to some metrics we look at and calculate periodically. We have a Uganda phone number service called ‘done for you‘ where our marketing team performs in-depth research of your target market so that the following you get is as targeted as possible. The best customer service we possibly can for those un-tech-savvy moments. 

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We turned the ‘disadvantage’ of being a small start-up into an advantage and kept it, even when we grew big. To have a connection and be treated as a human through a computer should be standard practice. Over time, we grew a client list belonging to a diverse range of industries. Clients of sociallyrich include: restauranteurs social media influencers bloggers marketing agencies photographers artists real estate companies small start-ups retail stores design accounts ecommerce companies and many more. 

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What other tips can you give me? First and foremost, understand that instagram is for everyone: there’s not a single industry that it doesn’t suit and can’t serve in terms of marketing. Anyone who says otherwise has tried it and given up too quickly as it didn’t work for them. A platform with over 500 million users definitely is worthy of your attention! Which brings me to another point. You may have noticed that in the list of sociallyrich client industries I included above, social media influencers were mentioned. You don’t need to own a business to give yourself permission to expand your following and extend your influence on instagram.

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