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In other words, On instagram every 24 hours 269 billion emails sent each day making sense of this explosion of data to make our lives easier is why algorithms are essential. How are algorithms us in our digital lives? So what are some of the way theses equations and code play out in our digital world that delights and confounds. Online dating – the equations within these platforms are us to find the best dating matches. Amazon – products or books you might like based on past activity and other secret codes. Search – content and information you want to find. Social – people you want to hear from or see. Emails – gmail now uses an algorithm that sorts it into 

Tabs and also sends it automatically to spam based on its filters. Gps – help us navigate a city or find our way to a hotel. Choose a restaurant – reviews on yelp or on tripadvisor. The new reality is that doing without a google search or a gps app would be something that most of us would now not tolerate. Algorithms are becoming as essential as electricity. But there is a dark side but are the algorithms that  make sense of all the information that is creat and pass onto our consciousness serving us or controlling us? There are dark sides to their use. Left unfettered the codes can be us against us by corporations and governments. 

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To make prices for items higher for one target demographic versus another. It is where data is us against buyers – one example was. Where the data was us to increase prices of mac users vs pc users. In the insurance industry it is being us to increase Austria phone number premiums and can even be us to deny insurance. In the employment market is is us to abuse the hiring and use of labor – walmart has been known to use it to ruce wages and minimize hours and costs. To even ensure you don’t receive medical benefits. To control the ideas and thoughts of the masses. 

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But one aspect that isn’t discuss much are the echo chambers where we are serv content that the social networks, platforms and apps deem to be in our interest. The echo chambers as a global traveler, adventurer and citizen I see the world as a place of immense diversity. Of infinite possibility and opportunity. But if you never leave your country or stray far from your own community the bubbles we are wrapp in can lead to mono thinking and calcified thoughts and beliefs. In extreme cases it can amplify hate and division. Truth and reality are often just the creations of different points of view based on what your parents taught you and your community passed on to you. 

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Therefore, Immersing yourself in a wide range of experiences and being exposed to a wide range of ideas will help keep an open mind as entrenched beliefs and paradigms are constantly challenged. Sometimes to listen to and observe as outsider provides moments and slivers of inspiration and magic. Innovation requires diversity of ideas to thrive. Is technology amplifying sameness? The bubbles and echo chambers of ideas and beliefs has been amplified by online tribes that are enabled by technology. These are the algorithms that serve up what technology thinks we need or want

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