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Ahrefs Webmaster Tools account Crawl your website with Site Audit Open the Link Opportunities report Add the “Landing Page” filter and set it on your new page Add internal links to these pages wherever it makes sense. Link building checklist Link building is an important SEO task, especially if you want to rank for something even remotely competitive. In this section, we will introduce you to a few proven link building methods . BY THE WAY.Some of these methods focus on building backlinks for your site as a whole, while others are geared towards building backlinks for individual pages 1. Copy your competitor’s links If a site mentions several competitors and links to them, but not to you, this might be a worthwhile link. Here’s how to find these websites Open Content Explorer Search for “competitor.

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AND “competitor 2” — “your company” Click search Peru phone number Click on the switch “one page per domain” This will search our database of over seven billion pages for pages that mention both of your competitors but not you. Then all you have to do is look for opportunities where you might get a link. If you were doing that for ConvertKit, for example, this list of 79 marketing tools would probably be a good opportunity 2. Recover lost links Backlinks don’t last forever. For example, if we look at the Lost Links report in Site Explorer on Ahrefs for the Ahrefs blog, we see hundreds of lost links in the last 7 days. This happens for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes they’re gone forever. Sometimes it is possible to win them back. Suggested Reading Link Recovery How to Easily Find and Regain Lost Backlinks.

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Check out the unlinke mentions Sometimes your business is mentione without linking to you. These mentions are referre to as unlinke mentions . Here is an example of such a mention You can see that while they mention Ahrefs, they don’t link back to us. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could convert unlinke mentions to linke mentions for your business? It would be, and you can. Just contact the authors and ask them to “make the text clickable”. Since they’re already familiar with your brand, chances are they’ll be happy to make this change for you. However, the question remains how do you find unlinke brand mentions in the first place? Everything is explaine in the guide below. Suggeste reading A simple guide to turning unlinke brand mentions into links.

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