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On the other hand, ways to summarize the list only on popular, reliable, opinion-forming and attractive portals. That’s why in recent weeks, whitepress has undergone several changes that promote high-quality websites. Below we describe the 3 most Singapore Phone Number important changes. 1. Division of portals into lower and higher quality websites we divided the portals into two groups: lower quality and higher quality. At the same time, any website. Of lower quality, must meet the basic quality requirements and these are: traffic does not exceed 1000 uu/month.

Average Over the Last

Data from google analytics or another Singapore Phone Number reliable source. Organic traffic index according to ahrefs.100 without pbn (link exchange or clear link positioning) systems. The page should visible (index) in the google search engine. The publisher has no history of article placement issues. The minimum quality assessment made by the editorial team is 2. The minimum technical evaluation of the editorial office is 2, the publisher does not violate the. “terms and conditions for publishers” section of whitepress®. Higher quality websites need to meet stricter. Conditions in addition to the basic ones. As shown below: web traffic exceeds 1000 uu/month average over the last 3 months, data from google.

Analytics or Another Reliable

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Source organic traffic index, according Singapore Phone Number to ahrefs ≥100, a manual check by the editorial office. To verify that the site has actual contact details (phone number and / or mailing address), the minimum qualitative assessment of the editorial office is 4, the minimum technical evaluation of the site is 2. The exact description of the requirements canfound in the article. Every marketer, while searching for websites, can reduce the list to lower or higher quality portals. Additionally, when viewing the list, the portal address writte in red – only if it is a high quality service. Looking for high quality portals the way in which portals of lower and higher quality are indicated on the list for the marketer 2.

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