Creating Such an Offer Will Take You Two Minutes

Just duplicate one of the current offers, edit it. Add the option to write an article. Specify the number of days and add your copywriting earnings to the quote. Remember that since it is content create. By you, it can be promoted without worries – in the end. You have an Afghanistan Phone Number influence on what will be in it.  Add a guaranteed traffic offer white press. Is not only related to seo agencies. But we also have many clients waiting for tangible results for publications. Not just the dofollow link. Such customers choose offers with promotion on the first page. And promotion of the article on social media.

In Any Case,

There are times when these are not enough. Some are waiting Afghanistan Phone Number for certain guarantees regarding the number of views of their article. These types of offers are often promoted. On the platform as “super content marketing” offers. When you add these types of options, you need to remember that they need some promotion from you until they reach the guaranteed number of page views. Therefore: declare only the number of page views you can provide. If your portal has 3,000 unique users per month, it does not promise 2,000 views. Evaluate your options based on your own promoted articles. Remember that traffic can be delivered for free,

The Guaranteed Number

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However, of page views must be Afghanistan Phone Number delivered in a month. You can promote the article on the front page until you reach the required number of views, or, for example, promote it in the facebook group you manage. 9. Add an indefinite publication offer at whitepress® we understand that “forever” is too much, but many customers ask for offers that will not disappear after a year. Our system monitors what happens to publications up to one year from the day the link is provided to the platform and, in addition, in the list of portals, the customer can check what the publisher does with the article from one year to 36 months from publication.

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