We Recommend When Creating a Profile Is to Create

Profile in English a very important feature that an english version of the digital business card. If you are fluent in English. Likewise, bringing information in both languages ​​can significantly increase your customer requests. How to create an English Iceland Phone Number version of your profile? In, the profile editing area, next to each information entry section is an english language change button (eg in the screenshot below). Here you will enter the translated content.

Use Your Digital Business

Likewise, outside of the white press Iceland Phone Number platform we have great news for you! The digital business card provided by us for free can be used as a promotional website outside the platform. You probably already know how important a portfolio is in the copywriting profession. Are you looking for potential customers on facebook groups or are you contacting them via private messages or emails? You no longer have to send hundreds of attachments. Although this may be true, you have to do is send them a link to your promotion website. Do you find it difficult to complete your portfolio? Don’t worry, our intuitive system will help you go through this process as well. Set aside a few minutes and prepare your business card. We are confident that this will translate into numbers

And Quality of Orders

Iceland Phone Number List

Although this may be true, marketers registered in Iceland Phone Number content premium. the content premium platform will definitely make your job easier! Purchasing and managing orders, signing contracts, communicating with customers are time consuming activities. Likewise, content premium module launched by whitepress simplifies the whole process and connects content authors (contractors) with marketers in different european countries. Whitepress has launched this module in response to high market demand for copywriters. More than 120,000 texts have already been ordered through the platform, reaching a value of over 1 million euros. This is good news for copywriters, who can expect their first orders in a very short time after registration.

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