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Course your exposure rate will be more. So the south africa phone number output will of course be higher if the quality is certain. The more the better. If the production of videos calculated in weeks. Like xiaoyu’s team. The current short video efficiency is seven a week. For some columns in the current head, like “second watch. What we can learn south africa phone number is that four to five original videos. Can create a day, and some of the columns that. Has just learned about may have a weekly output of 2- 3. This question  raised here because a premise factor. Is to measure your weekly production under the condition of a certain quality. If the production is increased. The popularity of a single video will decline rapidly, and it will not be worth the loss.

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Gone through many content South Africa Phone Number adjustments and personnel adjustments until today’s balance point. Some friends may think that the video is very simple after watching the column, but every point planned in the South Africa Phone Number video is based on the user’s viewing habits. We judge the quality and efficiency ratio through user comments, data statistics and analysis. To maximize the revenue of a column like ours. How to achieve the balance between quality and efficiency for start-up teams, xiaoyu suggested not to worry too much on this issue. Instead, you need to adjust it bit by bit according to the effect of each video.

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A quality and efficiency model South Africa Phone Number that best suits your team’s content direction. Just like xiaoyu’s team, it used to produce three to four videos a week. Later, through changes in the process, the quality and output improved at the same time, such as the packaging of the opening and ending, and the South Africa Phone Number standardization of video style, including the font size in the video, where the font appeared, and unified our video style. And the video topic selection is more precise and vertical, which improves the planning efficiency of the video. Thereby, the quality of the video will  improved, and the production efficiency of the video will improved at the same time.

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