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Country’s financial industry has entered. The second stage, the Singapore Phone Number of internet finance. But also in 1995, the first pure online bank was born in the united states. Security first network bank, which was a big step Singapore Phone Number forward. This bank acquired by other traditional banks. And returned to the “mouse + cement” model. As for why, the answer not revealed until many years later. The first stage before that was the era of electronic. Finance in which financial institutions introduced computers. Bookkeeping in the financial industry has long been manual. For example, when my aunt was working. In a rural credit cooperative, she carefully filled out the receipts.

With the Explosion Singapore Phone Number

Of financial business, many Singapore Phone Number financial institutions. In the west began to introduce computers. The initial idea was very simple: manual bookkeeping is really desperate! The workload is huge, and mistakes are inevitable. Later, the computer technology introduced by financial institutions became. More and more Singapore Phone Number were abundant, until the network technology was introduced later. But this kind of network is not the internet (the internet was invented late), but a dedicated network within a financial institution, and customers still have to go to the branch to handle business. Later, banks began to put atm machines outside their branches and connected them with private networks. For the first time, the service tentacles extended beyond the bank’s business premises.

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The financial industry into the stage of Singapore Phone Number computer and internal private network, which is called the electronic finance era. The beginning of providing financial services on the internet is the era of online finance. Of course, i don’t have any hands-on experience with this stage. In 2006, i graduated with a master’s Singapore Phone Number degree and came to shanghai to work in order to be close to home. Joined unionpay data, a subsidiary of china unionpay. The company has never claimed that it has any relationship with online finance, and it provides banks with credit card information systems and technical services. But today, this is a typical fintech company.

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