By Linking All Three Conversions Campaign

The third is intended to target individuals who have expressed an interest in a specific product or service. In our case, we could put the word linkedin (input is case sensitive, so check your URL) here. From that moment on LinkedIn stores traffic that has been to the above URL, but also on, for example, blogs about LinkedIn. Provided the URL contains the Israel WhatsApp Number List word LinkedIn. This option is also suitable for employer branding . Visitors who have visited a URL containing, for example, the word vacancy (provided vacancies are written on the website in this way) can be retargeted with a general message about working and the working atmosphere at your organization.

All Three Conversions Campaign

You retarget visitors to a specific vacancy based on the second option. Analyzing your campaigns (Conversions) A click is not a KPI (key performance indicator). Point. Still, a click is pretty much the only measurable thing in a LinkedIn ad without a LinkedIn Insight Tag. Reason enough to place the LinkedIn Insight Tag and immediately collect valuable results. Many organizations still settle for a click to evaluate the outcome of their campaigns. But a click is not always a visit to a website. In fact, an analysis of our own campaigns shows that approximately fifty percent of all clicks actually end up on the landing page. How do you measure those visits to a landing page.

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Conversions Campaign

With the option ‘Conversions’, also found under the button ‘Assets’ in the advertising account. LinkedIn offers the same options for creating conversions as with matched audiences. Analyzing your campaigns with ‘Conversions’. Have you made a conversion? Then you can link it to your campaign and LinkedIn analyzes whether people who have seen and/or clicked on your ad, have been on your website or visited a specific landing page. You will then find the figures for this in the advertisement overview. customer journey The great thing about conversions is that you can also link several to your campaign. That way you can also measure a customer journey that people who have seen your campaign take.

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