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Many simply refer to faceted navigation as “filters.” Most often you will find this type of navigation on the category pages of Ecommerce sitob websites like Total Jobs. Travel/booking sites like Google Flights or Airbnb. But it is also common on many other major websites. How does facete navigation work? With faceted navigation, the entries on the category pages are filtere according to their properties. As already mentioned, the entries are often jobs Products Hotels/Flights Attributes vary by site, but common examples include Price colour brand weight flight time salary quantity delivere delivery time Once the website administrators have assigne relevant attributes to the entries, the website presents these attributes to the user in a list Typically, when a user selects a filter.

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One of the following four things happens Lists Cambodia phone number are update instantly to reflect selections without requiring a page reload using JavaScript . The page reloads and the lists reflect the choices no JavaScript . When the user selects an item in the list, nothing happens until they also click the Apply button, which updates the lists to reflect the selection again, using JavaScript . When the user clicks “Apply” to apply the filters, a new page will load. The first two options have a similar UX but a different UX pattern than option three. Which UX pattern you use depends on whether a user is likely to apply more than one filter. If users tend to apply multiple filters, it makes sense to wait until they decide to apply the filters and update the lists.

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Once the filters are applied, the URL can optionally be updated to reflect the selection. What happens to the URL at this stage may also vary Nothing happens. The entries are updated without changing the URL. The website appends parameters to the URL , “?colour=blue&brand=samsung”. The website appends a hash to the URL identifying the facets applied,=blue A new static URL is created , eg /jeans/blue/ the user uses the color facet “blue” in this example . What SEO Problems Does Faceted Navigation Cause? Some of the problems you want to avoid or fix with faceted navigation include Duplicate Content Excessive Indexing crawling Unfortunately, when it comes to faceted navigation, there is an almost infinite number of faceted combinations and indexable URLs.

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