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And operation click here for consultation on ma introduction and operation inquiry form what you can do with crm tools customer. Relationship management crm is an abbreviation for customer relationship management. Which means “customer relationship management”. Think of a customer relationship here as the entire information Denmark Phone Number List collected about the customer. Therefore, crm tools are tools for managing and analyzing information about customers. It automatically supports relationships with customers and leads to the operational efficiency of the sales team. Customer information management the primary function of the crm tool is centralized management of customer information.

From Participation Information

Such as seminars to detail information Denmark Phone Number List such as behavior history. When browsing a company’s site, it can be automatically collect and manage, and that information can share between departments. These features make it easier and more efficient to make overall policy decisions and direct sales. Function 2. Customer analysis function the second function is the analysis of the customer information thus obtained. It automatically analyzes the customer’s itinerary and trends. What is different from mass marketing customer analysis is that it analyzes the behavior and trends of each customer, not what layer the product or service needs . You will be able to carry out more delicate sales activities and policy decisions tailored to individual customers. Function 3.

Customer Support Function

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It is a function that allows you to check Denmark Phone Number List customer information, purchase information, etc. Immediately when there is an inquiry from a customer . Since information share with other departments such as sales as a basic function. It can applie not only to product support but also to complaint handling, enabling prompt service. Function 4. Customer information security function it not only manages customer information, but also protects it. Security is essential because centralized management of information can be dangerous. As long as this protection function is solid, it can said that it is safer than managing it separately. What you can do with sfa tools sales sfa is an abbreviation for sales force automation.

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