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In the past, what wechat said to connect Georgia Phone Number everything. Was to become the largest traffic entrance. Of the mobile internet, and the strategic significance. Of “mini-programs” was to make wechat the largest application scene entrance. And also that is to say, “mini programs” are considered. To be tencent ‘s latest attempt to Georgia Phone Number monetize the huge traffic. Owned by wechat into a larger ecosystem. This may make wechat another operating system in the mobile phone system. And its biggest impact is that it may change. The distribution channels of some applications. And have an impact on the work of developers. Wechat already has service accounts.

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Tactical expectations for the “mini program” platform, brother xi made a few bold guesses, namely: provide another service entry for mainstream apps. Migrate some low-frequency apps from the desktop to wechat; save the cost of Georgia Phone Number developing app for enterprises, and build the “last mile of internet” for enterprises to connect users; services based on various life scenarios will be available; leverage the head effect of wechat to stimulate long-tail value. Brother xi believes that ma huateng and zhang xiaolong’s wechat ambitions are not only at the social level. But also in the long-term occupation of social applications and time for people’s scenes, which has Georgia Phone Number risen to a situation where they compete with the operating system.

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Think that social applications are just if it is a free Georgia Phone Number communication tool, then you have not realized their potential: wechat will become a super app that integrates games, shopping platforms, and life services. The launch of “mini programs” is to integrate all application scenarios and services except games Georgia Phone Number and all heavy services. 2. “mini program” is not just a technical upgrade if you want to know the dividends and business opportunities in “mini programs”, you need to know what zhang xiaolong thinks and how the wechat team deduces this product. Let’s talk about old topics: subscription accounts, service accounts and mini programs.

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