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Computers do produce thinking. Let alone China Phone Number consciousness, and there is no emotion without. Consciousness. The world where machines destroy mankind. Is still very far away. Today’s so-called artificial intelligence is just called old wine in a new bottle. In other words, the enhancement of. Computer computing power. Has greatly improved China Phone Number the speed of the past algorithms; today’s internet and. Mobile phone access collect a large amount of data. And then use the depth of learning algorithms. Based on big data, can actually make computers make. Some qualitative leaps in certain fields, such as in. Image recognition. Now, when you show a computer. 100,000 photos, all of them are beautiful.

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Photo and let it judge whether it is a beauty. In fact, we are already China Phone Number doing this kind of thing. Nowadays, hundreds of thousands of anchors come. To the huajiao platform every day, and they are graded. Manually. I found that it was really too late. And the scoring. Standards were not uniform, so we used the. Computer to China Phone Number automatically score. And later found that all the standards were it is an awl face. And the computer defines all awl faces as beautiful women. Conversely, getting computers to understand. The language we speak is not yet possible. So when you see apple’s siri, why do people use. It and then don’t use it? Because if you talk a few more words. You will know that it is not a real person.

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Who have seen human-machine dialogues. It is not because China Phone Number of how smart China Phone Number it is, but because it has a lot of dialogue materials, such as extracting your dialogue to answer another person’s question. But this does not represent true artificial intelligence. So at this point, i think today’s artificial China Phone Number intelligence needs at. Least five to ten years of gestation. In the future. Speaking of siri, let me share a few more insights about. The future of search. There are two important directions. For the subsequent development of search. And navigation: the first direction : ask you to ask me to answer, just like apple’s siri.

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