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That’s just an online resume site isn’t it?” “it’s just a place to get pitched for a new job.” they say. If you’re one of these people and you. Haven’t updated your profile in 6 months don’t plan to in the next 6 months don’t want to. Start to leverage the power of linkedin to grow. Your business my suggestion is to forget about linkedin now. Seriously, just delete your profile right now. Go to tools, settings and delete your account – it’s doing more harm than good for your personal brand.

Collectively, that’s what alex and I have decided to tell people. Now, for those that are serious about leveraging the power of linkedin. Let me tell you why I would tell my readers to delete their profiles and what. You can do to turn it around after speaking with alex.  I use agorapulse for linkedin, facebook, twitter, and instagram. It’s my social media management tool of choice. Social media guide free. Download the ultimate guide to social media marketing for business first name * email * download now reason. You are who google says you are you are who google says you are image for. Linkedin did you know that most

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People’s linkedin profiles rank higher in google search than their company’s websites? Before doing business with anyone, smart people do their research with who they’re about to get into bed with (so to speak). If you have an old profile, with no Nepal phone number connections, a 10 year old picture – or worse yet, no profile picture – you lose all credibility. If this is you – your first impression could be your last impression. Need a few tips on how to get your profile up to scratch? I highly recommend grabbing a copy of alex’s free guide on the 3 steps to linkedin mastery – you won’t be disappointed. 

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Click here to grab your copy. Reason 2: people buy into people – not companies I’m not saying anything ground breaking when I reiterate the fact that people do business with people that they like. Research has shown that people will buy products, even if it’s an inferior product and even if it’s more expensive, off someone they like compared to someone they don’t like. People buy into people – not companies for linkedin the second most viewed page on a company’s website is the about us section. It’s blatant proof that people buy into people not companies. 

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Now, what is being discovered is that people with high intelligence are often lacking in emotional intelligence. Unfortunately for the people gifted with high iq, the ability to leverage your emotional intelligence is what is going to sell people when they look at your profile on linkedin. Most people write their own profiles, they don’t follow any format and unfortunately if they are just not the marketing type who can sprinkle magic marketing fairy dust on things it begins to diminish your credibility. If that’s you – you’re better off not doing it at all. It pays to get professional help if you have no idea on how to

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