This Is a Classification Provided By the Publishers

A description of the qualitative evaluation. Can be found later in the article. “min. Visual and technical evaluation ” – this classification is provided by the publishers, here you can enter the minimum value. “portal quality” – this classification divides the websites on the platform into two categories: top quality and bottom quality. Low quality websites Austria Phone Number are those websites that did not have the require score. In the quality assessment or have a number of visitors less than 500. “traffic tracking” – a unique indicator that shows whether a particular portal can include whitepress tracking code. This indicator is described later in the article. ”

Dofollow Links

This shows sites that have at least one Austria Phone Number publishing offer that makes it possible to enter dofollow links. This option is available to selected advertisers. “link type” – this indicator filters portals that accept branded, mixed or eml links. “article tagging” – you can limit your listing to sites that, for example, mark an article as “sponsored”, “advertised” or “partner article”. “the number of links in the content” – here you can filter the websites according to the number of links allowed in the article: one, two or more than three links “attractive price” – this filter restricts the number of sites to those that have an attractive price in relation to the parameters of the offer.

It Is Calculate By

Austria Phone Number List

The platform using a special formula. About 15% of the offers fall Austria Phone Number under this condition. Which takes into account elements such as theme. Popularity and seo indicators. “minimum promotion period” – here you can define the minimum number of days of promotion of the article on the first page of the site. “min. Longevity index ” – the longevity index is expressed in months based on whitepress® publications “longevity of the publication” – this filter allows you to select websites based on how long they keep an article on the website. Whitepress automatically checks that there are no changes to the item during that period. “promotion on fb” – this filter allows you to select sites.

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