So That They Choose You Over the Competition

Suppose you sell cooking utensils and your direct competitor. Be careful not to copy, be inspired to create something original and unique that will set you apart from the rest of your competitors. You may notice that blog posts or video posts work, and then you’ll need to consider creating such content yourself. 5. Facebook page transparency Uganda Phone Number beyond the organic content that the competition delivers on social media. You can even see what paid campaigns are currently running. And the good part is that everything is legal and ethical, being a section accessible to everyone on the page of any brand or public person. How do you access the component with all the active campaigns.

What Your Competitor Has?

Go to his facebook page, then go a Uganda Phone Number little lower left to page transparency. Click see all, then go to ad library. After following all the steps, you will finally reach a page where you can see all the active campaigns. To see details about each campaign, just click the see ad details button. Interesting and useful, isn’t it? 6. Why am i seeing this ad? If you see an ad on facebook from one of your competitors, don’t overlook it, as it may provide you with some valuable audience information. Click on the 3 dots on the top right, then go to why am i seeing this ad. There you will see some information about the audience that your competitor has targeted. Not all the details are displayed, but they are more than enough to prepare your next steps.

Find Out What Promotions?

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Your competitors have one of the strongest Uganda Phone Number stimuli that people react to when it comes to shopping is the price. So, if you do not yet have a sizeable range of loyal customers, they may migrate to the competition if they have better prices and promotions. If your brand strategy doesn’t work on promotions, try to find other extra benefits that you could offer your customers to convince them not to go to the competition, such as free shipping, a gift on every order, points loyalty etc. 8. Analyze competitors’ websites spend time on competitors’ websites, see how they are organized, whether or not they are user-friendly, what the purchase process is, and so on.

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