Chen Xianda, general manager of Alipay ecological products:

Sun Wu: On the road of continuous opening. We have received a lot of valuable suggestions from merchants and partners, and some of these valuable suggestions are not lacking in some “shrill” voices. Here. I would like to thank everyone for their tolerance of our Alipay products. It is precisely because of these sincere voices that the entire product system has been driven to make better efforts to change.

01 Three key principles for doing a good job in ecological products

In the process of opening up infrastructure and building private domains. We have been thinking about how to open up the. Complex system of Alipay and better product methods to the ecosystem. After a period of practice, we found that if we want to do. A good job in ecological products, there are three aspects that are very important.

First, the classification should be clear. The essence behind the classification is an abstraction and expression. How can we do a better abstraction of the domain model based on each business domain, and at the same time can express it well to customers? At the expression level, ecological products have their complexity, and they will face consumers at the same time. , for merchants, for partners, and for developers, different roles will Albania Phone Number bring their complexity.

02 4 upgrades and 1 release: service upgrade in product iterative innovation

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The Alipay C-care model was introduced at the conference today. In fact, it is not just a model for merchants to refine user operations on Alipay, but there is a whole set of product systems behind it.


In the past, we have also communicated with a large number of merchants and partners. Everyone is generally curious about a question, how can we expand the scale of users on the Alipay platform, increase activity, and play our potential value and improve business efficiency.

Today, I will also talk to you about a few products that everyone is generally concerned about, such as small programs, public domain promotion, life accounts and merchant coupons, as well as a brand new product called Miyun.

1. Mini Program

The first is the applet. A question that many people often ask me is, what are the steps for digital business in Alipay? In fact, it is very simple. Three steps of online and offline linkage, and five steps can make regular customers come.

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