Change Address in Google Search Console

By changing the address, you can keep the data of the old domain, and you can check the continuous numerical value after becoming the new domain. Search for the property in the google search console and select “change address” from the settings. Change address in google search console address change is completed by making Bahrain Phone Number List the specified settings such as redirect settings. Send site map submitting a sitemap can help search engines recognize redirects from your old domain to your new domain. There are two types of site maps to prepare.

Sitemap Containing

New urls in the new domain site map Bahrain Phone Number List containing past urls. In the old domain not all pages are compatible. With the old and new domains. So prepare the urls for both the old and new domains. For example, if you add a page on your new site. That isn’t on your old site, it’s difficult for search engines to find the new page unless you include. All the pages and submit a sitemap. As for site maps, what is a site map? From the seo effect to the creation method. It is explained thoroughly including the transmission method, so please refer to it. If, you have any concerns or inquiries regarding site creation/renovation, please contact us from here. Precautions when changing the domain here. Are four points to keep in mind when changing your domain.

If You Can Take

Bahrain Phone Number List

The following precautions into Bahrain Phone Number List consideration in addition to the correct procedure. You are more likely to get a better rating from both search engine users. Rewrite the internal link of the redirect destination following the steps above, the redirect destination, the internal link at the new site, remains the url of the old domain. In this state, when the user accesses the internal link on the new site, the redirect is made and eventually the page is transferred to the corresponding page of the new site, but the load on the server etc. Is increased accordingly. It may affect the page speed, so be sure to update the internal links of the new site to the corresponding new page. Redirect correctly to the corresponding url as a common failure example, some urls of the old domain have all redirect destinations set to the top page.

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