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Specific to your organization, other questions may form the basis of your environmental analysis. Step 2. Consult sources Once you have formulated the question clearly, the data collection can begin. Which sources do you have at your disposal Qatar WhatsApp Number List and which of them will you use to properly map out your environment? In this step you try to clarify that. The second step in the model for a good environmental analysis. We divide the possible sources into the following four categories: Online media News media , forums, blogs and social media. Look beyond just your online monitoring.

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Particularly from LinkedIn and Facebook, only limited data is passed on via these tools. Offline media National and regional newspapers, weeklies, trade journals, radio and television. Internal stakeholders Customer contact center, district managers, project leaders, policy officers, data analysts, communication advisors. In theory, this could be any colleague, both inside and outside the office. External stakeholders Interest groups, neighborhood associations, neighborhood councils, business associations, sports associations, voluntary organizations, care institutions, pastors, residents.

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So you see, there are many more potentially suitable resources than just your online media monitoring tool. In order to be able to consult these sources somewhat quickly, it is important that you have your internal and external network in order as an environment analyst. Apply nuances Perhaps the most difficult and therefore most underestimated step is actually analyzing all the collected data. Because where do you start? What should you pay attention to? What is important and what can you possibly ignore? It is important that you apply the right nuances in the large chunk of data.

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