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One must be prepared to question the most representative essence of the brand and tear it to shreds in the event that the diagnosis or investigation of the situation reveal clear corporate identity issues. The question then is what leads companies to start these complex rebranding processes . The most common conditions of acute mutations occur when the target to which the brand is directed has changed .

The target audience does not perceive its differential value proposition. New competitors appear that considerably threaten the survival of the firm. The market to which it belongs expands or the business suffers a strong crisis that turns into a new commercial model. Thus. The diversification of the market. A substantial alteration in the public or a variation in the products and services can lead to a large-scale reconversion and serve as a trigger to face a complete rebranding that implies changing the corporate dna in force until now .

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Crisis situations in the image or negative reputation also often cause processes of this type. So daring to reformulate all the bases of communication. Design. Marketing and advertising can be a Jamaica phone number  shock of courage that will undoubtedly break with the status quo but it will take the company out of intensive care and put it back on the competitive race . Depending on the depth of rebranding that is needed and productive. There is the possibility of maintaining the brand value built to date to a greater or lesser extent .

But without a doubt (and as the term itself indicates) it goes far beyond logo design. And puts in check all the graphic aspects . The name. The communication strategy and the positioning actions. So much so. That this concept should be used only and specifically when the company needs to undertake a deep and comprehensive transformation of the brand or any of its products. And what for many may be the prelude to a corporate catastrophe.

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The truth is that it is an exclusive opportunity to solve silent infections that do nothing but damage the integrity of the company. Sol odontology brand rebranding is it time to work a rebranding on your company? When at fuego yámana we sit down to talk with a client who asks us for brand advice . We insist that rebranding entails a profound commitment since. If it is not carried out with sufficient depth. The only port that can be reached is the of target audience confusion.

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