By Selling Advertising Items and Backlinks

And by affiliation, ie promoting products or services in exchange for a commission. Let’s see each one. 1. Display advertising banners. It is the most visible form of monetization because. There are few sites that do not use this way of making money. Basically, you sell advertising space on your site. In the same way that a classic paper newspaper. For example, sells printed Czech Republic Phone Number advertising space on its pages. In exchange for this space, the publisher. Ie the owner of the site, receives money from the advertiser. From the one who buys the impressions. The publisher defines what kind of banners to display and. Where to display them on the site. It can also decide the formats (image banners, video ads, etc.

In Order to Start Advertising

And making money from this, you Czech Republic Phone Number need to work with a monetization platform. Google adsense is the best known and most used , but there are others. It is relatively easy to start broadcasting such ads, but in order to optimize the revenue generated, the process is more complex and it is recommended to turn to specialists. Behind the display of advertisements is a technology called programmatic marketing that involves complex auctions that take place in a fraction of a second. 2. Affiliation or promotion of products / services through affiliation you promote certain products and direct your readers to buy them. The seller will pay you a commission from the turnover you bring. One variant of affiliation is lead generation.

When We Talk About

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Services or products with a long Czech Republic Phone Number buying cycle (for example, a mortgage), the visitor you sent to your partner’s site is unlikely to convert immediately. The goal will not be to bring a sale but a lead, ie a prospect, or rather the contact details of a potential customer who has shown interest in the promoted product. The seller will then contact you and try to persuade you to buy. For each lead you receive an amount, usually fixed, from your affiliate partner. To find affiliate partners you use a specialized platform. The best known and most used in romania are 2performant and profitshare. The first step is to open an account and choose carefully from the offers available on the one or those that suit you best. You need to think about your audience: who are my readers?

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