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likely result in happier clients? Which one is more sustainable? Underpricing your services won’t attract more people, and it certainly won’t attract the ones you want to work with. If you keep getting stuck working with bad clients it’s probably because your pricing model is attracting them. Stop doing yourself a disservice by charging too little. If you have a world class agency, you need to charge world class prices. 

The best clients will understand and accept it. The cheapskate clients will run away, but it was only a matter of time before they did that anyway. 4. Positioning Brand positioning is like a vortex and your agency is the eye of the storm. When you first begin your agency, you’re a small vortex with a little pull, maybe causing some ripples in the market but certainly not making any waves. The bigger and stronger your agency and positioning gets, the more powerful you become. Incorrectly positioning or failing to have a positioning strategy can be a detrimental mistake and wasted opportunity. 

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Brand positioning is where your agency sits in the mind of the consumer. Regardless of the efforts you make, every single person that encounters your brand will form some kind of emotion or association with it. Having a strategy and defined brand positioning statement will help ensure that those emotions and associations are positive. This is Oman phone number especially important in the early stages of your agency. Defining and establishing a clear brand position will allow you to do more with less. Positioning will do the heavy lifting and nurturing so when a lead is ready to buy, your agency will already be established in their mind as the trustworthy and superior option. 

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Sounds pretty great right? So why is it that only 50% of employees believe their leadership team uses brand positioning to guide their decisions? Are you guilty of this? Perhaps one of the reasons your brand positioning isn’t guiding your marketing initiatives is because your positioning statement was thrown together with little research and thought. Your positioning statement, if done correctly, should filter through to every single campaign, promotion, design, and decision. If it aligns with your positioning statement, you know it will reach and appeal to your target audience. If you’re not filtering every decision then you could potentially be putting out materials and making calls that will confuse or turn away your target audience. 

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Not a wise move when every lead counts. Wrapping up These 4 P’s should have shed some light on the way your agency is running. Moving forward, you’ll be aware of the consequences that could ensue if you don’t give these factors the attention they need. Remember: there is always room for improvement. So you should constantly be changing and improving. The 4 P’s aren’t something you should look at when you “have time.” The time is now. Your agency’s growth depends on it. Click Here to get Lee’s Agency Success Toolkit. It includes a free proposal template, our 9 Steps to a Multi-Million Dollar Agency guidebook, and more… Guest

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