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At this time, the chef of the restaurant Bolivia Phone Number is a producer. But the Chef Also Needs to wear clothes. He needs to buy clothes, so he is also a consumer of you. So: everyone is being served by others while serving others. This is the constant Bolivia Phone Number transformation of “production” and “consumption”, and that is how the economy is driven. “Production” determines “Consumption” When production and consumption cooperate and complement each other, the whole society will move forward and the economy will grow healthily. On the contrary, when production and consumption are out of touch and one cannot keep up with the other, economic stagnation will occur, that is, an economic crisis will come.

In the Past Years, Bolivia Phone Number

products were relatively scarce. As long as you can Bolivia Phone Number produce products, they will be enjoyed by consumers. All products at this time can counted in “social wealth”, of course, they are all created by “producers”. Today’s social products are very abundant, but producers are still flocking to them, and even fall into the Bolivia Phone Number chaotic production stage of blind, disorderly, and homogenization, which produces a large number of products that no one uses. At this time, only products that can meet the needs of consumers can counted as “social wealth”, and the rest are like a pile of garbage, which not only consumes a lot of our resources and energy, but also takes up space.

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way: in the “planned economy” stage of Mao Zedong’s era. Implemented the principle of “production according to plan, consumption Bolivia Phone Number according to plan. Since everything planned, there would never an economic crisis. But everyone also Therefore, there is no enthusiasm for production, and the Bolivia Phone Number level. Of economic development is too low to promoted. Later, it transitioned to the “market economy” stage of the Deng Xiaoping era. Where the principle of “production according to wishes and distribution of profits. Was implement. At this time, because the power of “production. Was open, as long as a “product” needed, there would be people To “produce”, which can stimulate economic development to a certain extent.

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