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Personal factors What challenge does your persona face? What are the reasons for transforming and what are the motivations for successfully implementing a transformation? The personal factors provide insight into the intrinsic motivators. Insight into thinking, feeling and acting contribute to optimally tailoring your transformation journey to your Macedonia WhatsApp Number List target group. insight What problem does your target group identify and what need arises from this? Is this a result of a social problem or is it more of a personal problem? Describe this need and the motivations that your persona has to give it a positive spin.

You Have Your Affairs Order

To what extent do your vision and mission match the described need and the identified problem of your persona? If no match can be found here, it is important to do more research. This can be done, for example, with the help of the purpose compass. thinking What’s going on in your persona’s hea. What does he or she think about the existing situation and why does your persona think a transformation is necessary? feeling What feeling is this accompanied by? Uncertainty, ignorance or enthusiasm? Try to put as many emotional aspects on paper as possible.

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Acting What steps has your persona taken so far to move closer to the transformation goal Is it orientating itself or does it just need to act quickly in the short term? External Influencers Which external factors influence the transformation process? Try to gain insight into these parts. trends and developments Describe the most important trens and developments that occur and influence the way of thinking and working of your persona. stakeholders. Which external influencers (besides trends an developments) stimulate change? Can you list the factors that influence a possible transformation process.

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