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Changes in appearance. What is the internal Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number mechanism of this change? In the traditional production method, the “producer” decides the product, and the “consumer” only needs to decide to buy or not to buy it according to their own needs. For example, manufacturers often adopt a one-size-fits-all approach Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number because they cannot understand the needs of each customer at a low cost, that is, combine the performance of the needs to become a product. This kind of production does not deeply understand, count, and integrate the needs of consumers. That is to say, the needs of “consumers” are separated from r&d and design. The producer only cares about the batch and scale of the order; the sales link only cares about.

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About the needs of consumers. Since it is out Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number of touch with consumer demand, it is inevitable to generate inventory and stockpiling, and inventory and stockpiling are the black hole that swallows the profits of manufacturers, and it is also a stumbling block for commodity prices to fall. Stockpiling Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number inventory are the natural enemies of profits. The retail price of retail goods in china is often five times the cost, and the retail price of glasses, jewelry, and luxury goods is often a hundred times the cost. Due to the high cost of terminal retail. Taking the clothing industry as an example, traditional enterprises such as septwolves, qipai, li ning, etc.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina phone number

Of dollars in turnover in the Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number glorious era. Their advantages reflected in production capacity and channels. The number of production lines is 100,000 at the beginning. And the channels are also very strong. After the products are produced, they are distributed to retailers through distributors. And then Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number relying on the advertising effect on cctv. They can quickly occupy the national market. This is the traditional advantage. In the past, if we saw who wore a beautiful piece of clothing of a certain brand, we would ask where you bought it, and i would buy one too. And now, if a girl just bought a new dress today and happily wears it out, but finds that she has bumped into someone else’s shirt.

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