But a Great Necessity in Today’s Context

Where a large. A number of employers have a small number of candidates. To fill their available positions in companies. Nowadays, candidates have the freedom to choose and make the best choice for them. They inform Georgia Phone Number themselves, compare, test, choose and change employers. Nowadays candidates have a relationship. With the employer long before they apply for a job. Therefore, creating the employer brand involves, first of all, creating content about the company. That the employer, which over time. Will reduce the costs of recruiting staff.

The Value of the Offer

As an employer before starting to Georgia Phone Number communicate outside. The company must clarify the value of its offer as an employer. This value includes everything the company can offer. As an employer, in exchange for the skills and experience that employees bring. Given that we want to see the value of the offer. From the employee’s point of view. In defining it you can start by gathering information from current employees. Find out their views on the company’s offer for. Values ​​and organizational culture, the headquarters. Offices and material resources which it makes available. Development opportunities, relationship with management, relationship with teammates. Quality of work and style of work, promotion criteria. Health insurance, common leisure activities, job security.

Evp-Romania Who?

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Handles the employer brand in Georgia Phone Number smaller companies, the one who creates and communicates the message is the ceo himself. And in larger companies the human resources people. Along with the marketing ones. But, as i said in the previous paragraph. The employer brand starts and ends with its own employees. So, in addition to the messages, we send on the company’s website. By presenting the team and the available jobs. The messages are also sent through the employees’ accounts on social networks. Social media posts, reviews, leisure discussions, are the ways in which current, former and even potential. Employees can damage your company’s reputation.

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