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Twitter, facebook, instagram, pinterest, youtube and more, they are most. Popular on twitter and instagram, so you’d be best off focusing. Your efforts on these platforms. Twitter is where hashtags really took off: when it first. Launched, the company’s founders used hashtags as ways to organize. Conversations and make certain topics. Easy to find. To run a hashtag competition on twitter. Today, you’d ask people to use your. Hashtags in their post in order to be enter to win

Whatever prize you’re giving away, being aware that twitter has a restricted character count so your hashtag shouldn’t be too long. Twitter hashtag competition to run a hashtag contest on instagram, on the other hand, you’d simply create a brand hashtag of any length and ask participants to use your hashtag in whatever caption accompanies their image or video. In this example, the empire state building is giving away $5000 to someone who has taken a photo touching the building. 

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The best practises for hashtag competitions while hashtag competitions are relatively easy to set up, you’re more likely to meet your hashtag goals if you identify what you want to accomplish and use the best tools available to help you meet your goals. Here’s a quick checklist of things to be mindful of: don’t violate trademarks. It may sound obvious, but El Salvador phone number you can’t use another company’s name in your hashtag. Increasingly companies are trademarking hashtags that don’t include their brand name, like mucinex’ blamemucus. So do some research to ensure you’re not co-opting a company’s trademarked material, and check that your hashtag can’t be read as a double entendre. 

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Trademarks hashtag competition make your hashtag(s) easy to remember. Creating a hashtag that isn’t overly long, hard to remember or difficult to spell is easier said than done. However, put proper time and thought into coming up with one, as it’s the ammunition that will set your brand apart. Browse through this list of the most popular hashtags for inspiration. A great hashtag contest we’ve seen lately came from dwayne johnson (aka “the rock”) who used slowmochallenge for a contest linked to the premiere of ‘baywatch’. Dwayne johnson hashtag competition always include a brand hashtag. Some brands create unique hashtags that catch on with their followers and can be used for contests and general posts. 

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Petsmart, for example, of its own posts, and petsmart customers frequently use this hashtag too. While you may have a short-term hashtag specifically in mind for your competition, you should also incorporate your branded hashtag into the post. Petsmart hashtag competition don’t go overboard. Hashtags can be hard to resist, but don’t go too too crazy with them or you’ll look spammy. Yes, instagram allows you to post up to 30 (and there are ways you can include even more than that) but there aren’t many situations that actually call for maxing out your hashtags like this. According to studies, nine hashtags is the optimal amount to include in instagram posts – they receive 5 times more engagement in the form of likes and comments. Write and post rules. Posting rules helps ensure that anyone who enters your promotion understands the

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