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The business foundation built by the internet. Will become more Bahrain Phone Number and more perfect. And the two can accurately connected at any time in the future. All the intermediate links gone. And the logic of making the difference does not exist. The word “doing business” needs to redefined. And the thinking of wenzhou people Bahrain Phone Number completely outdated. Social structure will become more sophisticated in the past, every “demand” and “supply. Was completed by enterprises, and in the future. It will be completed by individuals. An analogy can be made like this. If the economy is blood circulation. Then its capillaries will be more abundant in the future. And the transportation and supply will be more abundant.

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Will be more powerful. 22. The logic of Bahrain Phone Number people’s recovery. Of their beliefs is as follows 13 specifically. China is establishing a complete and reasonable social order, so that everyone can use. Their talents and get what they need. On this basis, a new order formed, and the operation of the. Order will generate Bahrain Phone Number new spirits, such as the spirit of contract. The collision of spirits arouses the yearning in our hearts. Once our hearts belong, this is belief. 23. The highest realm of the rule of law. Is the rule of man, and the highest realm of the rule of man is no rule. What is innocence? That is, relying on interests to check and balance. Each other. In the internet age, everyone has countless. Connection points with the outside world.

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Connection points, everyone’s situation Bahrain Phone Number will directly bound to their own behavior. Greed, laziness, and ignorance are the negative aspects of human nature. Will naturally restrained. 24. The theme of chinese business in the next ten years will be inseparable from “cross-border interconnection” based on the internet Bahrain Phone Number different industries penetrate, merge and combine with each other, thus forming a new superstructure of business. This is what shuimuran’s book “cross-border wars” describes. Different business formats will check and balance each other and eventually reach a state of balance, thus forming a new business ecosystem. 25. The improvement of china’s future society is inseparable from people with “ingenuity” that is, those who are down-to-earth.

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