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Dynamic Search Ads DSA The mechanism by which Google Ads suggests keywords to you based on the provided landing page URL is at the heart of DSA . You can set up search campaigns where instead of targeting keywords, you provide a list of URLs and let Google decide when a search query is relevant to your landing pages and bids for you. The broader your target market, the more useful DSAs will be to you. If you re just picking a set of keywords for your niche product and target audience, DSAs probably won t help you, but rather target keywords that aren t as relevant. 4. Custom Intent Audiences CIA Another great display targeting option is to target audiences based on their search history and behavior across the GDN.

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Custom Intent Audiences are audiences created Saudi Arabia phone number based on a set of keywords searched, websites visited, or apps used. You can basically tell Google to show your ads to people who ve searched for specific things or visited websites related to your business. I ve heard many PPC specialists praise this targeting option as the best thing you can do for display campaigns. Switch to Google Ads Editor Many PPC specialists do not use the web interface very often. Google offers a desktop app called Google Ads Editor that makes campaign management easier and saves you tons of clicks and time. untitled The interface is different, but it s there to make your PPC work easier. If you re familiar with the web platform or feel that setting up campaigns is already taking a long time, you should learn to use.

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Google Ads Editor. This is the best choice for your campaign management in the long run. Conclusion PPC marketing is or at least should be a small part of your overall marketing efforts, but there s a lot to learn and put to good use. This guide should provide the basics to start your new PPC journey in the right direction. Even if the focus was on Google Ads, you can use this knowledge for any other PPC platform. The next complex platform is certainly Facebook Ads, but this knowledge will also benefit you if you focus on platforms like Twitter, Quora or LinkedIn. Do you have any comments or questions? write to me on twitter . Demand Generation 101 5 Strategies That Work HollyStanley March 11, 2022 German avatar HollyStanley Marketing and SEO Writer.


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