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Companies and collectives in china will Bahamas Phone Number disappear. And various vertical platforms will be born 10 a lot. Freelance jobs are on the rise. The organizational structure of chinese. Society has changed from company + employee. To platform + individual. Everyone will break through the shackles. Of traditional Bahamas Phone Number shackles and gain the opportunity to be reborn. The key depends on whether you have. Stimulated your own potential energy. This is a true liberation movement! 17. In the future, everyone will be an independent economic entity that is, a task can be completed independently, or a systematic. Project can be performed by relying on collaboration and organization.

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Therefore, short of minutiae Bahamas Phone Number cultivators nor short. Of organizations and teams capabl. Of executing vast projects. 18. How will you have your own product in the future? 11 when you have an idea, you can express it first. Then display it on the platform (there will be more and more platforms like this. And then attract Bahamas Phone Number people who like it to place an order. And after getting the order, you can find. A factory to produce it (don’t worry about it). If the quantity is too small, the future production. Will be refined and customized), and then sent to consumers. 19. China will have no jobs in the future 12 the essence of part-time work. Is to sell one’s own labor at a price and not bear the consequences.

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Of the employment era, you must take Bahamas Phone Number the initiative to think and solve problems, and try your best to use your strengths to create value for society and others, otherwise you have no value to exist. Shuimuran believes that the way of work in china is upgrading from “making a living” to “creating”. 20. China will have Bahamas Phone Number business to do in the future in traditional society, only all businesses can do business, because the asymmetry of information makes the “supply” and “demand” of the society always misaligned, which requires the business behavior of businessmen to connect with them and make profits from it.

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