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Big data layout overview of cloud computing. In september 2016, the UK Phone Number academy of information. And communications. Technology released the “cloud computing. White paper (2016)” (hereinafter referred to as the white paper. The white paper shows that saas is still the largest component of the global cloud UK Phone Number computing market. And its market size exceeds that of iaas and iaas. The sum of paas. The global iaas market maintained. Steady growth, with a market size of us$16.2 billion. In terms of the paas market, the overall growth of the global. Paas market has slowed down. But database services and business. Intelligence platform services have grown rapidly.

The Paas Market UK Phone Number

Was us$4.4 billion, of which UK Phone Number application infrastructure. And middleware services accounted. For 54% of the market; the database service market was only us$170 million. But grew rapidly, with a growth rate of 30%. The rapid growth rate UK Phone Number of more than 30%. The saas market, which is the largest component. Of the global public cloud market. Is dominated by crm, ERP, web conferencing and social software. In 2015, the saas market size was 31.7 billion us dollars, of which crm, erp. Web conferencing and social software accounted for 65% of the market; at the same time.products showed a diversified development trend.

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Digital content production, enterprise UK Phone Number content management. Business intelligence applications and other products smaller and faster growth. Especially enterprise content management growth. Rate of 40%, digital content production growth rate of 25%. But it is expected to grow rapidly at a compound. Growth rate of more UK Phone Number than 30% in the next five years. 2. Tencent cloud support applet tencent cloud. Has launched cloud services in various. Vertical fields such as e-commerce cloud. Financial cloud, game cloud, video cloud, media integration cloud. Education cloud, and tax cloud. Tencent cloud provides a lot of basic support for wechat. 14 domain name service: fast registration. Convenient management, anti-hijacking of domain names, guaranteeing. The domain name security of wechat mini-programs.

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