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Chrome stores it so you do not have to add it every time you enter again . To finish, you will have to confirm the email address or mthat you used  Banner Design to register . To confirm the email, click or tap the link included in the confirmation email. If you need to confirm the mobile Banner Design phone, you have to write the code that you received by SMS in the “Confirm” box, which will appear when you log in. Video of how to create a Facebook account in 1 minute from your computer The first thing you will have to do to create a Facebook account is to install the Facebook application on your mobile phone .

 Do This, Go Banner Design to the Corresponding App

Store (App Store for iPhones and Google Play for Android phones), search for the Banner Design Facebook application and download it. If you have space problems on your mobile, you can download Facebook Lite (iOS or Android), which is a reduced version of the Facebook application. It takes much less time to install, but retains the same basic Banner Design features as the regular app. Once you have downloaded and installed the app, open it. On the home screen, click Create a Facebook account. To finish, click Register. If there is a problem with your password, the system will take you back to change it. And ready! The app will automatically log you in.

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You Can Tell Banner Design It to Remember Your Password

So you can enter just by touching the application, without having to type your data each time. If you want, you can also learn how to do it by watching Banner Design this video, where it shows you how to create a Facebook account from Android. If you have followed the previous steps, Banner Design you have already managed to create your own Facebook account . Welcome! We are going to see how to use this social network and take advantage of the different options it offers. Your Facebook account is like an online cover letter, which is used so that other users can find you. So after creating the account, the next thing you need to do is customize it.


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