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But at a certain stage, because the power of Bulgaria Phone Number restricted. Producers of the same product overproduce, and then everyone competes with each other. And in order to pursue profits, producers continue to expand production and adopt low-price strategies. When the number of products exceeds after the consumption demand is Bulgaria Phone Number reduced, there will be excess products, and profits will be infinitely compressed. As a result, everyone cannot survive. This is the current state of china. The “supply-side reform” and “elimination of outdated production capacity” advocated by xi jinping are actually to control the disorder of production and eliminate those backward and excessively productive enterprises.

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She will feel depressed: why does he Bulgaria Phone Number wear the same clothes as me? So i went back and left my clothes at home. That is to say, the needs of consumers have changed, and now is the era of personalized needs. Times are different. This change begins when people start to find themselves, and personalization is the beginning Bulgaria Phone Number of the next era. Consumption determines production everyone’s individual needs are magnified, and people are more and more fond of personalized things. However, the demand for personalized things is not so large, which requires industrial enterprises to achieve rapid production in small batches. The technological innovation represented by industry 4.0 (including big data, internet of things, cloud computing, 3d printing, etc.

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To this change. It is realizing a high degree Bulgaria Phone Number of integration of “manufacturing” and “informatization”, giving birth to the c2f (customer-to-factory) model. It can produce what every consumer needs quickly, in small batches, and customized. Therefore, this is a great liberation of “consumption relationship”. The future Bulgaria Phone Number consumption relationship is: what the consumer needs, the producer must produce. This is a reverse production process. The supply relationship of the entire society has been destroyed and rebuilt, and the two branches of the economy are being opened up in reverse. The supply relationship of the chinese economy has also undergone a major reversal.

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