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Internet finance because of the wonderful Mexico Phone Number appearance of yu’ebao. The reason why i say this is because the concept of internet. Finance began to widely accepted in this year, but not because it born in 2013. In fact, internet payment born as early as 1999, and alipay widely used in 2004. Even the term internet finance was Mexico Phone Number proposed by xie ping in 2012. (five) in 2014, internet finance became more and more popular. And all kinds of “internet finance” appeared. What is troubling is that many scammers smuggled in under. The banner of “internet finance” and began to deceive. Like other analysts, i began to frequently investigate various internet financial companies. To see what they were doing, especially focusing on the leading bat.

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To publish some reports on Mexico Phone Number internet finance. And peers also continue to publish reports. But the existing research results are still unsatisfactory. I continue to try to sort out the big logic. Of internet finance Mexico Phone Number through the lively appearance. When a thing is new, its shape has not yet been. Finalized and it is normal to be elusive. At the beginning, internet finance was almost all-encompassing. And there was no precise definition. Almost all financial businesses that non-financial institutions participated in using the internet as a tool included in the category of internet finance, and it was a bit difficult to sort out the logic.

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Are three keywords here: non-financial Mexico Phone Number institutions: internet finance is provided by non-financial institutions. If it an online service provided by a financial institution, it actually what previously call online finance. This time it called the financial internet, which does not belong to internet finance. But this division Mexico Phone Number by institutional identity makes no sense. Later, there was a point of view that financial institutions should become the main body of internet finance. This formulation is even more confusing: haven’t financial institutions been doing online banking for a long what is the difference between online finance and internet finance?

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