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All these disciplines can contribute to the same end goal. Our natural inclination is to report on this separately, including all the details there is to tell. That in itself is not wrong, but it does take away the power of you or that of your Cambodia WhatsApp Number List communication department. What is the complete story? Therefore present the most important KPIs for the use of instruments from your communication plan in an integrated report. What is the contribution of the different instruments to your communication goals in an overview? Tell the whole story.

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This is an example of an integrated reporting Example of an integrated report. Source: AMEC) Measurement indicators: what can you measure on? So the answer to this question doesn’t just depend on who you’re reporting to, but it also depends on the goals of your communications program. For example, is it more about achieving reach and visibility, about a change in attitude or engagement or more about a change in behavior? It is important to measure what you can measure. There are always reasons not to measure, but focus primarily on what you can measure.


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Do not only think about numbers or numbers, a qualitative judgment is just as important. Below are common goals and possible metrics to measure these goals: Visibility: you can look here at expressions that say something about the reach. Look at, among other things, share of voice, (social) impressions, web traffic, unique visitors, page views, video clicks, event visitors, open rates of (press) mailings, invited social influencers, journalists, KOLs. Engagement: you then look at what the communication with your target.

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