Be at the Top of the Page Before the Description Text

H1 can be almost the same as the page title or if different – should still contain the target keyword. An idea that has often proved useful is to add  Lebanon Phone Number a short paragraph just below h1 that looks exactly like a meta description line (155 – up to 160 characters, keywords present, etc.). Of course, this block can be exactly. The meta description of that page. What does this “trick” help? A category page tends to be overloaded with similar text – the titles and short descriptions of the products presented, and google tends to think. That these are the elements that best describe the page.

The Result Is That

In such situations. It will be Lebanon Phone Number considered better to build another snippet. In the search results (the description displayed under the page title). For a category page as we are trying to build here, such an approach could lead to ugly decreases. In the click through rate of organic. Always keep conversion optimization in mind remember that a category page. Can also be a landing page with a direct role in getting conversions. Notice i didn’t say “sales”. Why? Because there are many more things. That we can and are worth getting from visitors. Apart from the main goal, which is without question the sale. We can discuss many things along these lines. From brand recognition to newsletter subscription.

But, We Will Do

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It on another occasion – it is important Lebanon Phone Number to remember. That direct and immediate sales are not the only thing we need to think about in our endeavor. Returning, for the conversion optimization part, the page should include all the elements. That are needed to persuade, encourage, and retain visitors. To the “store” so that they can eventually be converted into customers. Logo and contact information. Special offers or promotions. Call to action” (cta) cart links and account login. Newsletter subscriptions reviews and testimonials last but not least. The category page should look good.

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