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Source: woocommerce configurator – theme selection. Woocommerce plugins of plugins largely depends on the preferences and needs of a given project. The simplest plugins are the ones that will allow you to support polish payment gateways and carriers. Another important issue is the management of goods both internally. Mainly warehouse El Salvador Phone Number management – and externally, through various filters. Another important issue is its integration with relevant analytics data, such as google analytics or facebook analytics. Additional plugins that may be useful include integrators with popular sites such as ceneo, facebook, allegro, or google merchant center.

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Also, involve plugins that support El Salvador Phone Number email marketing/push notification or ab testing. Furthermore, woocommerce source: wordpress store plugin search engine. Seo in woocommerce if you are dealing with seo, you certainly know that the so-called in-site is important. The subpages of the shop must contain meta tags and structured data to appear in search results. In its basic version without additional seo plugins, woocommerce does not support the most important meta tags and structural data, site maps or other useful data. The most common plugins that can be used for this purpose for woocommerce are: yoastseo, seopress, all in one seo pack.

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SEO settings for woocommerce in seopress. The simplest El Salvador Phone Number features that seo plugins requir the ability to add, edit, and analyze data, such as: title – the title of the page, which display as a header in the search results and in the browser; meta description – the description of the page that display in search engines and often in the page preview on third party pages; meta robots – information only for the search engine about the need to index a certain subpage; canonical – for both category subpages and is additional data and, in particular, provides additional information to the search engine.

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