Audiences Is Much Larger Ireland Phone Number

The number of audiences is much Ireland Phone Number larger than the number of performances . Each concert has nearly 3,600 people, and each music festival has 25,000 people. Of course, the online live broadcast is even more amazing. This is just the number of viewers, the actual number of users will be more. The unit price is high. The average unit Ireland Phone Number price of a concert ticket is 436 yuan, and the music festival is 127 yuan. And does not include transportation costs, accommodation costs, food consumption costs. The growth rate is fast, but the total amount is smaller than other types of performances in China.

According to Performance Ireland Phone Number

Market annual report” released by the Ireland Phone Number performance industry association. There were 1,900 large-scale concerts and music festival performances. An increase of 35.71% over 2014, and box office revenue of 3.18 billion yuan. An increase of 23.78% over 2014. The growth rate is higher than that of Ireland Phone Number the total amount is smaller than that of professional theater performances (7.068 billion) and tourism performances (3.571 billion). (professional theater performances include music, dance, drama, opera, children’s drama, folk art and acrobatics, etc.) the total amount is much smaller than the foreign music performance market. According to pollstar’s report.

The Performance Market Ireland Phone Number

Was 6.9 billion us dollars, and the concert Ireland Phone Number audience exceeded 50 million. The head effect of the concert is obvious. 50% of large and medium-sized concerts attract 90% of the audience and generate 95% of the box office. This is a good example of how hot jay chou and mayday’s concert tickets are. And some small stars Ireland Phone Number are actually more difficult to survive. This situation sparked a boom in the ticketing market. Various ticketing websites, taobao stores, scalpers, and netizens can be profitable as long as they can get a small amount of tickets through channels. The livehouse is limited by the venue factor, and both the audience and the sales have pulled out a long tail.

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