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But you can t just create websites and hope you ll rank. Our research of one billion pages found that 90.63 of pages don t get any traffic from Google. Then, two months later, we tweeted the actual checklist, which got a lot of attention We then turned that tweet into a LinkedIn post . cool right? We do that all the time. Whether we re turning a video into a blog post or a Twitter thread , we make every piece of content special. 12. Get in the Best X in Y lists No matter where you are in the world, there are best X in Y lists for businesses like yours. Here is a list of the best cafes in London If we enter this page into Ahrefs Site Explorer , we see that it receives an estimated 438 visits from search engines every month If there are lists like this relevant to your business, you should be on them.

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Otherwise, you ll miss out on potential traffic, brand Netherlands phone number awareness, and customers. You can find relevant lists of traffic using Ahrefs Content Explorer Enter a relevant search e.g. “best [business type] [local region]” . Choose In Title from the drop-down list. Run the search. Set the language filter to English . Set the “Live & broken” filter to Only live . Add a “Page Traffic” filter and set the minimum value to 100 . Enable “Exclude Home Pages” . Check the lists to see if you re included. If not, contact the list writers and try to get them to include you. 13. Give something away Everyone loves freebies, but for freebies to work as a marketing tool, you need to give something that will attract potential customers. This is the mistake many marketers make. They give away something completely unrelated to their business — like an iPhone or iPad — and then wonder why none of the prospects convert into paying customers. At Ahrefs, we provide free versions of our premium.

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SEO tools to target the right people. For example, we have a free backlink checker that draws an estimated 117,000 visitors from organic search every month You can find the rest of our free SEO tools here if you want to try them . Of course, you don t necessarily have to own a software company to create free tools. Crunch, for example, offers accounting services and a free salary calculator . Free tools are just one of many free offers. Influencers are people who have an active, large audience usually on social media and the ability to influence their audience to do something. You can work with them on one-off campaigns or turn them into brand ambassadors. It doesn t have to be expensive either. No one is asking you to make Jackie Chan dance for your commercial .

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