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Therefore, Performing, this might mean you’re stuck using two separate systems. For reports, gathering traffic data from Analytics and keyword data from Search Console. But by connecting Search Console and Analytics, you. Can access keyword data directly in Analytics alongside all of your other reports. To connect the two systems: From your site’s Google Analytics dashboard, click the ‘Admin’ tab. Next, click ‘Property Settings’, which is located in the ‘Property’ column. Scroll down the page until you find the ‘Search Console’ header. Click the ‘Adjust Search Console’ button. 

Scroll up the page slightly, looking for the ‘Search Console Settings’ section. Click the ‘Edit’ link below the descriptive text. Click the radio button next to the Search Console property that’s associated with the Analytics account and click ‘Save’. You can now access all keyword data directly in Analytics! From your Google Analytics Dashboard, click ‘Acquisition’, and then expand the ‘Search Console’ section. The ‘Queries’ report displays all of the data you’re used to pulling from Search Console, such as keywords, clicks, impressions, and average rankings. You can also use this functionality to connect keywords to landing pages. From the dashboard, click ‘Acquisition’, expand ‘Search Console’ and select ‘Landing Pages’. 

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Then, click the URL for any landing page to see a report of organic search keywords that led to clicks and/or impressions for that page. 2. Enable Audience Tracking The default Google Analytics dashboard makes it simple to find some data about your audience – what devices they’re using and where they’re located – but those details are only a very Argentina phone number  small percentage of the detailed demographic information Analytics can provide. Google Analytics allows you to collect details like average visitor ages, genders, lifestyle and purchase interests – however, to access these details, you have to enable audience tracking: From the Google Analytics dashboard, click the ‘Audience’ tab, expand ‘Demographics’ and click ‘Overview’. 

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Click the ‘Enable’ button to activate audience tracking. The data may take some time to propagate, but after a week or so, you can return to this report to uncover unique demographic information about your site visitors. From the Google Analytics dashboard, click ‘Audience’ and expand ‘Demographics’ to pull reports that show the average ages of your site visitors and see a breakdown of male versus female visitors. Next, expand the ‘Interests’ tab to view lifestyle and purchase interests of site visitors. The ‘Affinity Category’ report shows lifestyle interests, and the ‘In-Market Segment’ report shows purchase interests. Using this information, you can make sure you’re creating content for the right audience. 

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Additionally, you can also use the interest information to brainstorm new content ideas that cater to the varied interests of the audience that is already engaging with you online! 3. Block spam bots Spammers love to find new ways to drive traffic to sites, and one of the more common tactics they use is Google Analytics spam. They send fake data to Google Analytics that appears in your report as keywords or referral traffic. The problem is, none of that data represents real traffic or website visits. The goal of Google Analytics spam is usually to get curious webmasters to visit these

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