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that you send out promoting your product or service, there must be a visible opt-out link or button. That’s right, you need to provide your recipients with an easy way to unsubscribe from all commercial emails you send. So at the end of your emails, make sure you add an unsubscribe link. It can be just the word ‘unsubscribe’. Or you can get more creative: ‘Getting too many emails? Unsubscribe here.’ Most email automation software like MailChimp offer an integrated opt-out mechanism. If you’re not using these automation tools, then you can manually add an ‘unsubscribe’ link using Google forms. 

All you need to do is create a google form and link to it in your email. This is how your google form might look: 2. If you don’t ask subscribers to opt-in. It can be a problem if you’re complying only with the us can-spam act. You don’t have to ask for an opt-in. That’s fine. But if you happen to send emails to recipients living in canada. Australia or the european union. Then international laws are very strict when it comes to obtaining permission to email someone.

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Given how many companies now offer their product or service globally (and yours may be one of them), I strongly suggest that you always ask your recipients to opt-in. It’s a great way to show people that you respect their free choice and that you won’t force Japan phone number them to receive emails they don’t want to. Here’s a cool way to ask for permission to email someone in your first outreach email: Make sure your initial email appears to be targeted directly to the person you are sending it to and does not directly promote your product or service, or it will come across as spammy and they’ll never opt-in. 3.

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If you buy email lists, you still need to obtain opt-in permission Honestly, for a long time, I thought that email lists were illegal – but I was wrong. According to international anti-spam laws, you are allowed to buy and use email lists. But here’s the catch: you have to obtain permission for sending emails to people that are on the list. Whoever made the original email list you then bought had to obtain permission to put those people on it in the first place, and when you buy it, you need to again obtain specific permission from each recipient of your emails. 

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In the end, this kind of ruins the main reason you bought the list for – saving time. Here’s another thing to be aware of: the US CAN-SPAM Act doesn’t require an opt-in for email lists, however, when people opt-out of emails, they can’t be legally contacted again. Yet another tricky aspect of bought email lists is that most of the time you can’t verify: How the email addresses were obtained and if the source asked for permission. If any of the people on the list have opted-out before. If any of them are residents of different countries (which means different international email laws apply in their

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