As a Result, People Spend More Time on the Internet

Over the past 12 months, with an average internet user spending 6 hours a day. This is one-third of the time we live. In short, we can see that the internet has been establish as an integral part of people’s lives. Behind this is the increase in various Indonesia Phone Number List digital channels such as search engines such as google and yahoo, social media such as facebook, twitter, instagram, email, websites, and the spread of smartphones, which is in front of personal computers. It is possible that you can now collect only the information you want at your favorite time, not only at the time, but also at your favorite place such as a moving train.

According to a Survey Conducted

By the ministry of internal Indonesia Phone Number List affairs and communications in 2015, 70% of consumers use internet search sites (google and yahoo!) as a means of collecting information, such as yahoo! Chiebukuro and line. Including the question in q, the result is that more than 80% collect information through the internet. Today, the internet is the most common way to find out something. With the continued growth of the internet, online consumer connections are essential for businesses to continue to grow. Digital marketing is an effective marketing method that connects consumers through all digital channels, and it is also one of the key strategies for a company’s business success. What is the difference between digital marketing and web marketing?

Digital Marketing and Web

Indonesia Phone Number List

Marketing are often confused and misused, even among Indonesia Phone Number List marketers. You will need to understand the differences in order to develop a marketing strategy for your company. So what’s the difference between digital marketing and web marketing? The difference is the difference in the marketing scope that we handle. As explained in “what is digital marketing?”, digital marketing refers to all kinds of marketing activities that exist online, whereas web marketing is a marketing method only on the web . In other words, part of digital marketing is web marketing. Part of digital marketing is web marketing. The importance of digital marketing is spreading in the past, the internet was mainly websites.

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