There Are Three Main Patterns to Be Displayed

To be displayed in “popular products” in the frame of popular products. Register your product at the merchant center displaying popular products is positioned as one of the functions of free listing. So basically you have to do the same thing Malaysia Phone Number List as using a free listing. Among them, google recommends product registration at the merchant center. At the merchant center. You can use it for various purposes by creating a feed for specified. Items such as product names, product links, and prices. By registering product information in the merchant center. Google will list the product in the list of popular products based on that information.

Implement Structured Markup

On product pages if the merchant Malaysia Phone Number List center isn’t available. google’s recommended alternative is structured markup on product pages. In some cases, Google will find and post the product on popular products. But if you have not registered with the merchant center, implementing structured markup on the product page will ensure that google will display it. It understands the product information. Open a store in an existing ec mall the above two methods are recommended by google, but the other method is to open a store in an existing ec mall. Regarding the display of popular products, google allows you to browse products at “many different stores at once”. Therefore, since products from ec malls may list, they may be displayed as popular products based on the product information.

Registered in the Ec Mall

Malaysia Phone Number List

Instead of the product Malaysia Phone Number List information registered on the own site. These three methods are just means to set them so that they display. In the frame of popular products, and at the moment, details such as how to actually display them. As the top of popular products are available. It is private. If you have any concerns or inquiries regarding digital marketing. Please contact us from here. Pay attention to future trends it will definitely. Be a great help for e-commerce site operators. If they can make good use of the display function of popular products. However, since google operates user-first. It can be expected that the function will be expanded if the user utilizes. The display of popular products, and conversely. If the user does not utilize the display of popular products too much. The function may be abolished.

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