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In this article I therefore also give an example of a customer-friendly cookie notification. I also discuss the consequences of such a customer-friendly cookie notification for experiments (CRO). Image showing the three problematic cookie Honduras WhatsApp Number List practices. Figure 1. Three problematic cookie practices with information about their prevalence on the websites of the Top 25 e-commerce companies (Twinkle, 2020). The websites were visited on 19-02-2021 Top 10 companies and 22-02-2021 (Top 11-25 companies. One of the examined websites showed no cookie notification.

What Data They Contain

What did occur in 40% of the websites examined was a milder cookie wall, in which it was not possible to use the website properly without responding to the cookie notification. With this mild cookie wall: the cookie notification appeared in the foreground. the website itself was not (good) visible and/or not clickable. it was not possible to click away the cookie notification without accepting, refusing or adjusting cookies. This often went hand in hand with using the default settings described above. In any case, the frequent use of this mild cookie wall ensured that passive consent was hardly.


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Placing a cookie wall , where visitors can only access the website if they accept the cookies. Passive consent, which assumes consent when people click or swipe through, such as after showing an information bar. Standard settings The most common practice I encountered was a notification where accepting cookies is the ‘default’. The power of such a default cannot be underestimate. For example, scientific research shows that 82% of people want to be organ donors if they should actively opt-out (a so-called opt-out system), while only 42% of people want to be an organ donor if they have to actively opt-out (a so-called opt-out system). opt-in system Johnson & Goldstein, 2003.

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