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going wrong and what you should do differently. Because there are other people getting a significant ROI from Facebook ads, and you could be too. Below are five tips on how you should target your Facebook ads that will turn. Them from flops into thriving profit-drivers. Let’s dive in. Traffic Guide Free Download The Ultimate Guide to Website Traffic for Business First Name * Email * Download Now 1. Create Custom Audiences Facebook advertising works on a pretty straightforward logic. If you don’t want to waste money, then target a very specific group of people before launching your ads. 

Sure, you may feel tempted to fish in a vast pond, thinking that’s how you increase. Your chances of reaching out to potential customers. But, in reality, that’s just a surefire way to lose money. Think about it this way: if you target your ad to males, age 20-50, sure more people will see your sponsored posts, but how many of them are interested in the product you are promoting? Segment your prospects by creating a variety of highly targeted custom audiences. 

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Facebook allows you to create custom audiences based on a number of variables, such as a customer file, website traffic, app activity, offline activity, and engagement: Target Facebook Ads – image 1 With each of these custom audience options you can get South Korea phone number even MORE targeted. For example, you can create an audience of people who have visited a specific page on your website and then run ads only to that group of people: Target Facebook Ads – image 2 Make sure you adapt your ads to each custom audience segment so that the ad copy, CTA and image are all aligned with the problems you solve for this group of people. 

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Run very specific audience segment split tests Beyond creating simple custom audiences, you can also learn more about your prospects by split testing audience segments within these custom audiences. Let’s imagine that your company sells organic, plant-based hand cream. You choose to target ads to a group of people that have visited the page on your website specifically associated to plant-based hand cream. This tells you that this audience has at least some interest in this product. However, in most cases this group won’t necessarily all convert into customers. 

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So there are some things you can do to figure out which audience segment is more likely to buy your products. For example. Your custom audience may include people aged 18-65+. But you can segment them based on age groups such as 18-25. 25-35. 35-45 etc. By running the same set of ads to each of these age groups individually. You may determine that one or two age groups within your greater audience are more likely to convert into customers. This then allows you to focus in on this age group with your campaigns moving forward and reduce the cost per acquisition. Doing this is fairly simple from the facebook ads manager. All you do is replicate the “ad sets” within your campaign and choose to target a different age group: target facebook ads – image 3 you can use a similar process of elimination

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